Right Seat Ready!©

While we recognize that perhaps most CFIs (Certified Flight Instructors) are well qualified to teach a student to fly, Right Seat Ready©  is a bit different.  RSR is delivered in a down-to-earth style while de-mystifying the process of flight. 

Our specialized Mooney RSR seminar has been developed for passengers to get the most information and guidance, not only for safety and emergencies, but to bring the love of flight to everyone.  Attendees get instruction from those who have been flying Mooneys for decades, are Mooney owners themselves.


RSR seminars have been delivered across the United States partnered with AOPA at Regional Fly-Ins from the west to the east coast. Our classes sizes range from 12 to 36 participants.  And we proud that many of our participants have gone on to fly with instructors which we constantly recommend.  From Jan Maxwell, “I was so happy to have a lady from the upper west coast as for me at the Mooney exhibit in Oshkosh.  She had taken one of my earlier seminars at Lake Tahoe, continued on to get her license, then owned her own Mooney which she flew in to Oshkosh AirVenture that year.”

Jolie Lucas, a licensed psychotherapist as well as long time Mooney owner and pilot, offers assistance with fear of flying and the unknown.  

Your RSR Team

Jan Maxwell

Jan Maxwell, a Mooney pilot and owner since 1980, and as a Ninety-Nine working and judging precision flight in the U.S. with National Intercollege Flying Association (NIFA) on regional and national level, serving as Chief Judge for Nationals and internationally, Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) sanctioned precision judge.  Also being one of the family owners of an authorized Mooney Service Center gives the added benefit of being able to discuss the structure of our Mooneys, the safety design, and value of good and proper maintenance. On a daily basis we see the result of some of our pilot decision-making.

Jolie Lucas

Jolie Lucas is a Mooney pilot and owner and is also a licensed psychotherapist with her practice in California.  What has become apparent over the years is psychological aspects and fear profiles are far more impactful than actual skill level in emergencies. By that I mean that we have to understand fully the psychology of being a right-seat passenger in order to train most effectively.  Jolie being a counselor for 25 years gives us that edge.  Jolie is also a writer for AOPA, Vice President of California Pilots Association.

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Know your airplane and avionics
Basic navigation
Flight Controls
Flight - Heads-up flying and display
Aircraft speeds 
Use of iPad/Android with Forelight
Understanding emotional and physiological fears and factors
Medical Awareness in the Cockpit
Preventive medical emergencies
Using your Right Seat Ready Check List during emergency
Gain the confidence to be Ready on the Right

Two types of seminars offered:

Mooney Specific only

General Aviation Aircraft, Single Engine

One and two-day formats for your aviation ​group or association.


Don Maxwell Aviation Services, Inc., a factory authorized Mooney Aircraft Service Center, and Lycoming Authorized Service Center offers a comprehensive menu of services with the latest and most efficient techniques and technologies. Our staff strives to satisfy all the demanding needs of Mooney owners and pilots.


-  Annuals and 100 Hour Inspections

-  Minor and Major Repairs

-  New Interiors, Complete and Partial

-  New Glass

-  Avionics Updates

-  Fuel Tank Repairs

-  Pre-Purchase Inspections

-  Sheet Metal and Structural Repair

-  Corrosion Damage Repair 

-  Engine Overhaul


East Texas Regional Airport

390 Central Road

Longview, Texas 75603


PHONE:  903-643-9902

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