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GMax American Aircraft (formerly All American Aircraft – Different name, but the same Mooney sales operation that was formed in way back in 1991) is an aircraft sales company, specializing in the acquisition, sales and brokerage of all models of Mooney Aircraft. Since the inception of the company, All American / GMax has sold over 1,000 Mooneys to pilots nationwide. Currently, we average one Mooney sale per week (55 in 2019). We have consistently maintained an inventory between 10 and 20 Moonyes, providing a large selection for our clients. Maintaining a large selection of Mooneys for sale allows us to fill the needs of the Mooney buying public like no other sales organization in the world. We also take great pride in the fact that we enjoy a 30% customer return ratio. In other words, 30% of our business is either selling a Mooney that we have sold before (it comes back to us on consignment or trade in) or we sell a Mooney to a customer that we have sold to before. Contrary to many in the aviation world, where often-times the seller and buyer meet only once, we take great pains to sell a quality product in such a way to produce a happy and satisfied customer. We approach each transaction with the expectation that when the buyer decides in the future to sell or step up, that we are the first call that he or she makes.

Jimmy Garrison, President of GMax, is in his 25th year of selling Mooneys and handles all models from the M20J up to the Acclaim. Paul Maxwell (if you know Mooneys, you know the Maxwell name) is the VP of GMax and focuses on the pre-201 models.


Don Maxwell Aviation Services, Inc., a factory authorized Mooney Aircraft Service Center, and Lycoming Authorized Service Center offers a comprehensive menu of services with the latest and most efficient techniques and technologies. Our staff strives to satisfy all the demanding needs of Mooney owners and pilots.


-  Annuals and 100 Hour Inspections

-  Minor and Major Repairs

-  New Interiors, Complete and Partial

-  New Glass

-  Avionics Updates

-  Fuel Tank Repairs

-  Pre-Purchase Inspections

-  Sheet Metal and Structural Repair

-  Corrosion Damage Repair 

-  Engine Overhaul


East Texas Regional Airport

390 Central Road

Longview, Texas 75603


PHONE:  903-643-9902

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