A Service Bulletin is a Mooney International Corporation document used a means of communication between the manufacturer, FAA, Service Centers and the customer/owner.


The Service Bulletin is normally prepared to address a specific inspection, modification or alteration or recommended mandatory maintenance action to a Mooney aircraft that could affect its operation and outlines proper procedures for replacement of parts or repairs to comply with approved FAA standards.


An Airworthiness Directive (A.D.) is issued by the FAA when a condition considered to be unsafe exists in an aircraft or product, and that condition is likely to exist or develop in other aircraft or products of the same type design.


A Service Bulletin may be prepared and distributed to support an Airworthiness Directive (A.D.) which calls for mandatory immediate compliance within the designated time frame shown on the A.D.


The Service Bulletin establishes a Model Effectivity and Time of Compliance. It gives step-by-step instructions on how to perform the subject inspection, modification, alteration or repair; lists Reference Data (if any); gives Warranty information (if applicable); and provides a Parts List. An illustration is included for clarity if appropriate.


If the Service Bulletin is non-A.D. related and does not change Type Design, it will be assigned an effectivity and release date. This date will appear in the red colored S.B. heading of the first page of the S.B. Immediately below the red colored heading the wording “This Bulletin Does Not Change Aircraft Type Design” should appear.


If a Service Bulletin is A.D. related or changes Type Design, the wording used will be “This Bulletin is FAA Approved for Engineering Design”. The approval date of the FAA (ACO) must be reflected in the red-colored heading.


Don Maxwell Aviation Services, Inc., a factory authorized Mooney Aircraft Service Center, and Lycoming Authorized Service Center offers a comprehensive menu of services with the latest and most efficient techniques and technologies. Our staff strives to satisfy all the demanding needs of Mooney owners and pilots.


-  Annuals and 100 Hour Inspections

-  Minor and Major Repairs

-  New Interiors, Complete and Partial

-  New Glass

-  Avionics Updates

-  Fuel Tank Repairs

-  Pre-Purchase Inspections

-  Sheet Metal and Structural Repair

-  Corrosion Damage Repair 

-  Engine Overhaul


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